European Gourmet Export is a trading platform bringing together manufacturers and specialized importers of bakery, pastry, ice cream and catering ingredients.


European Gourmet Export's customers are importers of specialized food ingredients from around the world, who treasure the new opportunity to work together with an independent trading house. A partner who is only interested in fulfilling the demands of his customers and who can offer alternatives to the established brands and products.


European Gourmet Export represents smaller German or European based companies for pastry and food ingredients, that are internationally mostly unknown. The suppliers have massive experience with their product lines and sell them successfully in the local markets. Focus lies on offering the best choice of products to meet the needs of the importers and their customers. For most of the products lines various manufacturers are on hand.


European Gourmet Export offers various lines of exclusive branded products as well as a wide range of non-branded, private-label products at interesting pricing. And if the product portfolio leaves wishes open, European Gourmet Export will do its utmost to source the needed items within its suppliers network.