Pastry Products

Cake mixes, fillings, chocolate, glazes, decoration and flavours: All ingredients needed to offer a sweet variety of pastries at highest level.

Cake Mixes
A wide portfolio of pastry mixes for bakers and patissiers to create attractive indulgent pastries in a consistent high quality. Like mixes for sponge cakes, tea cakes, muffins, donuts or Danish pastries. Tailor-made to meet the needs of all international markets.

Cream fillings for a deliciously creamy sensation either on a powdered base or as ready-to-use version.

A full range of high quality Belgium chocolate and chocolate decorations. The smooth textured chocolate with delicious taste is offered as easy-melt drops for the convenient and safe usage. Classical and modern chocolate decorations round up the portfolio.

Crunchy Inclusions
Today’s trend in pastry: Crunchy inclusions made of biscuits or wafer bases. Perfect as cake bases, desserts or crunchy inclusions for truffle fillings or chocolate.